Illustration that's simply delish


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I've been swamped lately with orders and my daughter wrapping up middle school, as well as the laborious tasks of my day job.  Still, I managed to squeeze in another commission from The Shanghai Pearl to make a very special pin for her show 'A Night in the Forbidden City". This peony dancer pays tribute to the dance clubs in China Town in the 40's and 50's. 


The show sold out and was magnificent. I also had the pleasure of vending. I set up a tiny space of pins, prints and cards to sell. Not expecting the amount of love I received that evening.


The most important part of the evening was connecting with so many customers. (This photo is funny because it shows us on our phones! In reality, I was manually entering in credit card info into Square here). But in all honesty, the connection of being around performers and customers who acknowledged my work and told me they were fans was a huge boost I needed. 


Sometimes I forget how important  connection face to face can be. It fuels my soul and lights me up. It reaffirms that I am doing something right in my life. 


Peony Dancer pins can be purchased here.