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Send in the Clowns

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When I was a little girl, I loved clowns. I only really knew of the cartoon clowns or the ones illustrated in books. Or the ones in the freezer section of Baskin Robbins. I was so enamored with the clown cones, I begged my father to buy me one. I carried the fragile clown home in a tiny box on my lap. When we got home, I took time to admire the bright colors of the clown face staring up at me. I bit into his shiny colorful face. But the taste was not bright or shiny. The flavors were bland. It was my first food disappointment.


I still think clowns are ok. And I sketched out 2 clown cones. 


And then colored them in. Because my thoughts are currently of Halloween and my upcoming show at 55 Bell Art Gallery, my color palette was a bit darker this time around. :)