Illustration that's simply delish


Kellyportfolio Illustrations

Over a year ago, I experienced true heartbreak with a chap I'd only known for a month or so, but whom I fell head over heels for instantly. Our relationship was a quick fuze, not meant to last. Funny thing about heartbreak, is we can produce the best work as a result. A few days after crying my heart out, I took to my sketchbook. I produced several ice cream pieces. This one has circulated in a few art shows this past year and made its way onto a greeting card. It has been one of my best sellers. 

I received an email over a week ago from someone asking if they could please get this ice cream piece tattooed on them. I responded back quickly granting permission. Honored, touched. She wrote back and said, "Your work is the best personification I've ever seen of my feelings." 


And today, after a rough week inside beige walls, I received this email with the finished tattoo. It looks amazing. I can't stop looking at it. The tattoo artist captured it perfectly. 


I should send a thank you out to the universe for sending in that chap to break my heart, which in turn produced a great piece of art work that also went on to touch others. Thank you, Man Cake.