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Today on my drive to the other side of town, I noticed a ladybug on my windshield hanging on for dear life. I was on a major interstate, so I couldn't reach her. So I drove, watching her shake against the glass with the wind at her back. I planned my rescue attempt once I was off the fast moving highway and watched and observed. If only she knew that if she moved one way or the other off my windshield, she would be free. The fall might be a bit treacherous, but she would no longer be pressed against the glass hanging on for dear life. 

But she didn't know that. In the moment, surviving was all she was capable of. 

If only we were all so brave to let go, knowing there would be freedom on the other side of fear. Instead of just clinging on in order to survive. Maybe the universe is always showing us this. And we are too caught up to listen.


Once I reached a stopping point, I parked the car, scooped up the ladybug who was still, thankfully, alive. I carried her to a small patch of greenery and laid her down.  For the rest of the day I thought about this lesson the ladybug demonstrated for me. 


Later on, I wandered unknown streets in my neighborhood to find a pea patch nestled in the middle of the city. This place is magical. Ethereal at sunset. 


Today I am grateful for ladybugs. And lady friends!