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Sweetness Every Single Day

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

As we round out another month, it's a reminder life is just speeding by. Every day is a new opportunity to cherish, love, and be grateful.  There is sweetness in every day life. It exists all around us. 

This cookie is something I just couldn't pass up.


I was gifted a vintage purse that belonged to my grandmother. A photo surfaced from the 50's showing her holding the clutch. I love vintage items, not only because they are so beautifully crafted, but because I love imagining what the original owner wore with the item or wondering where they were going.  To have this purse that was cherished by my grandmother is a real treasure.


I'm always so grateful for customers who reach out and show their gratitude for things I have made and sold to them. 


Life can be busy with bumps along the way. But if you truly focus on love, being thankful and creating amazing experiences and authentic impacts, it comes full circle. Thank you, May, for another amazing month.