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Drawing in a Darkened Venue

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The other night, I had the pleasure of selling my work at Transmission Mercury@Machinewerks during Capitol Hill Artwalk. Beyond selling a few of my favorite pieces, I got something I didn't expect. 

Seattle is facing a high tech boom again. People are coming to this small fishing town and buildings are popping up all over the city. This is changing the skyline of Seattle and changing the dynamics of communities. I do not fault companies for hiring or for their success. But the impact on this city, is it is pricing out the artists - leaving once funky burrows an overpriced, homogenized shell of themselves. It is devastating on many fronts. 

For me, being in the Mercury space was like a throw back to the Seattle I fell in love with in the 90's. The Seattle I explored as a teen. Gritty, dark, with bands performing music that was different than anything played on top 40 lists. 

When we put ourselves somewhere that reminds us of a time long ago, we remember who we were back then. We unearth the dreams and journeys we set out on before we were told we couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't.

The mere act of switching my location, of putting my feet somewhere else to draw, was a gift that inspired a few sketches. I drew by the light of a spotlight at a table next to my booth, on the backs of the paper bags I brought. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to sell my work in public again (it truly is the best way to connect with my customers). I am thankful for the darkened venue that reminded me of things that have passed but have not been forgotten. I am thankful for being able to draw for the pure joy of it and happy that it also brings joy to others.

 There are no MISTAKES. Only Miss Steaks  ©Kellyportfolio, 2015

There are no MISTAKES. Only Miss Steaks  ©Kellyportfolio, 2015

 Some of my wares I sold. 

Some of my wares I sold. 

 Hop Scotch  ©Kellyportfolio, 2015

Hop Scotch ©Kellyportfolio, 2015