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Twin Peaks

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I am so fortunate to be part of the 3rd Annual "Between Two Worlds- A Twin Peaks Show" at Urban Light Studios Push/Pull Gallery this Friday. 

In the 90's I watched with the rest of the TV viewing audience as David Lynch's drama unfolded. The series progressed into a world of bizarre and surreal, which is to be expected, given the creator. As most of the mainstream viewership fell off, I continued on. Rooting for Josie and Cooper and the infamous Log Lady.

When given the topic of Twin Peaks as a topic to create a piece, I of course went right to the food that is associated with the show. Coffee- black as midnight on a moonless night. And that cherry pie that Agent Cooper told Diane is worth the stop!

And in my world, The coffee is Agent Cooper and the Cherry Pie is of course the sultry Audrey. They go together just as well as coffee and cherry pie. 

 Damn Fine  ©Kellyportfolio, 2015

Damn Fine  ©Kellyportfolio, 2015


On display through September at Push/Pull Gallery, Urban Light Studios   

Opening reception August 14th, 6pm Push/Pull Gallery