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Powder Puff Gal

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There are few things I like as much in a washroom than brightly colored powder puffs and the box they nestle within.


This was a powder puff pillow I requested be made into a hat, made of marabou feathers by GothFox Designs I bought at Burlycon a few years back. While masterfully constructed, I did not store it properly and marabou tends to dissolve. The last time I wore it, the poor thing shed so badly, I left a trail of feathers all over Pastor Kaleb's Easter Service!  


I drew this not too long ago for a mirrored compact design.


And of course, this illustration got me thinking about creating a new powder puff hat (made of pink shaggy faux fur) and powder box costume. 


My friends want to know where I plan to wear this. As if dressing as a powder puff box or carrot cake needed an event in order to be made! (wink)  

And my beautiful daughter, while sizing up our just-the-right-size abode, asked, "Where are you going to put all of these costumes, Mom?" 

A problem for another day! Now, where did I put my glue gun?