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Olive Me

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

Those who know me, know I love my neighborhood. It is simply the perfect place for my daughter and me. It's walkable, I know many of the shop owners and love local businesses. When I volunteered to help organize and promote the Queen Anne Art Walk, I also wanted to reach out to local businesses in my neighborhood to see if they were interested in participating.

I've been a long time fan of the Queen Anne Olive Oil shop right on the avenue. Not only are the owners delightful, their product is heavenly. Truffle oils, truffle salts, an assortment of flavored olive oils and infused balsamic vinegars make this place a staple here in the city.  Naturally, when one of the owners approached me about showing my work here, I said yes. My next show will be all about Olives. Here's a sneak peek.

"Olive Me" opens November 7th and will be part of Queen Anne Art Walk, 4-7pm.