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Create to Sell

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My new greeting card designs arrived from the printer today.

I recently was asked the question, "How do you create art that sells?" My answer is - I don't.

Creation is a personal thing. I don't know where it comes from. Inspiration from somewhere inside and also outer influences that fuel the existing passion. We all have this gift. We are all creating something at any given moment. I create art/illustration for me. Plain and simple. If an idea pops into my head, it was already there and waiting to come out. If it makes me laugh or I am enjoying the journey of making it, I do. The fact that my work can touch others is simply the cherry on top and a grand surprise. I am humbled by messages I get from others who buy my work for themselves or to gift it to a loved one.

But, I don't create art that sells. More specifically, I don't go into creating with any expectation or plan to sell things. Creation based on wanting or needing an end result is inauthentic and the piece suffers every single time and I cannot finish if I know I only am creating for money. There is no joy in making something just for money. So I simply create for me.