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Beautiful Food & The Croque Madame

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To those of you who know my artistic aesthetics, it should come as no surprise that I do in fact have a board on Pinterest called "Beautiful Food". This is a collection of gorgeous imagery of the most gooey, gloppy, and downright decadent foods I have had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on. I'll admit, it is much more satisfying to view this food porn via my virtual world of Pinterest rather than actually consume most of these items.  I actually don't eat fried eggs, but at the moment, I am pretty obsessed with putting an egg atop a sandwich.  The Croque Madame is a sandwich much like the Croque Monsieur, but the egg is placed artfully top, intended to look like a hat. Naturally, this sandwich:

Inspired me to draw a Croque Madame of my own. This is a sneak peek for now.

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