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Candy Witching in the Candy Kitchen

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

Sometimes..when I am in my home kitchen, I pretend, fantasize about and have empathy for the wicked witch from Hansel and Gretel.



I love candy. Not so much the consumption of it, although I've never been one to turn down an offer for sugar in all of its forms. Candy is a huge source of inspiration for my color palate and art itself. Candy brings me immense nostalgia and joy.  So, the witch in Hansel and Gretel holds a special place in my heart. Now, with that said, I do not endorse the baking and consumption of small children or any children or humans, for that matter. But here's a woman who built her dream house out of candy and then has it vandalized by some kids.

And of course, I need to mention this has inspired a fabric print debuting next month.