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Ice Cream as My Language for Love

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I might love ice cream more than cake. Wait, that's a lie. But, when it comes to using ice cream to convey the topic of love in my art, you could say I'm drawn to it. ❤️  

You see, ice cream is beautiful, comes in many flavors. 

You see, ice cream is beautiful, comes in many flavors. 


It's also fragile. And fleeting.


Topsy turvy, if balance is thrown. 


And can be discarded before being finished.  


But mainly, ice cream is fun. And, like love, it's a treat devoured all year round. 


We Loved Each Other For the Length of a Song

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Last Spring, I fell in love for the first time in nearly a decade. This man was charming, caring, and adorable in so many ways. Each day I spent with him was lovely and I never had to question his feelings for me. The flowers bloomed, as did the feelings we had for each other. 

When our time was cut short suddenly in the Fall, it sent me reeling into grief I have not fully recovered from.  I also produced some of my best work during this time. It's odd how nothing can make sense in your life, but the ability to carry on and draw and create comes through to save your ass despite feeling like you're dead inside. 

As Fall turned to Winter, I waited for his return. A return that, despite me sending him love letters, carefully paced out, would not happen. With a text on new Year's Day, he confirmed he'd moved on and was not ready for a relationship, but had started dating. In the end, people can do what they want. And people come in and out of your life. That is how it is. No one is wrong.

Our love was short, and it flowed with each passing season in all of its poetic glory. Blooming in the Spring, heated and passionate in the Summer, and it died in the Fall. I waited in the Winter. And with the New Year, I got my answer. We loved each other for the length of a song. Too short. My outlook on life will not be the same. Not worse, not better. But changed forever certainly.

I'm sure I will be back my chipper self again soon. But it is taking a while for me to swim back to the surface of my life.


A Perfect Movie for a Hopeless Romantic

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The holidays are over. I've been sequestered away for the past week as the gray of Seattle winter resumes the long stretch until March.


A girlfriend and I decided at the last minute to watch  this amazing film "The Shape of Water". 

Let me just say, I loved every second. Visually it's a beautiful film. Beautiful story. Gorgeous soundtrack. The aesthetic is vintage 40's and 60's. Basically, everything I adore. 

I'll sum it up in a few words.  

Spinning Pies





Hard Candy


Its the most perfect movie. 


Soft Enamel Pins!

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 The soft enamel and hard enamel pins have been sweeping Etsy and other independent artist shops. Of course, I had to get in on that action. I used a company called quality lapel pins. They were easy and fun to work with.


Initially I was worried about how my illustrations with translate to enamel pins, since enamel pins need lines in between colors to separate them. And since my illustrations use a lot of gradient, I wasn't sure that My art would actually survive the process. However, I did translate three of my designs to enamel pans and I think that they worked out very well. I am extremely happy with how they turned out.  Since I am the queen of sparkle, I had to add some glitter to each of my pins.


They all have a bit of sparkle embedded in the soft enamel. These are all available on my Etsy shop. 


Salsa Dancing

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 I don't really dance salsa.  I'm more of a swing dance type of gal. I do enjoy salsas of many varieties along with some delicious corn tortilla chips! This was a piece I started a year ago. And now that I've had some time off between contracts, I'm able to finish a lot of pieces that were percolating in my head for the past year.  


Seattle's Housing Market

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There's a housing boom going on in Seattle. Back in 2003, when I was married, I closed on a house for 209K. Gone are the days of houses for first time homebuyers for anything under 300K. And even if people are lucky enough to score house in Seattle, the price tag is usually around 700K. I don't know anyone who is a first time home buyer who could afford something like that. 


However, strolling along my favorite  streets, in my favorite neighborhood, I take in the beautiful houses, the manicured lawn's. And I believe that someday I can actually have a house like that. But for now, it's a pie in the sky. 


Stages of Grief

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When you have something you thought was real, and then all of a sudden it disappears, you're left holding what you thought was something genuine and wondering how it could leave so quickly. You ride the waves of grief, and then you come to acceptance. And you continue on. 


Caught a Crescent On My Plate, and Life Changed For the Better

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For the total eclipse, my daughter and I made a makeshift pinhole to safely view the event.


We caught a crescent on our plate.


Our shadows were blurry.


Crescent shaped rays of light spread across our kitchen.


From an astrological view, this eclipse represents change. How magical it is, the weekend after leaving a toxic work environment, I begin this week enjoying the solar eclipse. 


Leaving behind a place where I felt the answer was always no, to a place of freedom where I call the shots. Where instead of being told no to my ideas, I'm saying yes. 

Costume Making

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My cousin and I were going to the Venice is Sinking masquerade ball and I had waited until the day before to start making my costume. Luckily, I had some playing cards and an idea.

It's amazing what you can make from a deck of cards and a stapler. 


We ended up winning Best Couple's costume that night. 

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