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One of the many things I am truly grateful for is that my pieces I created years ago are still being discovered by new customers. It's a bit like my past self made sure my future self would be taken care of when I needed it the most. 

There was a traumatic event that occurred recently that I cannot discuss at this time. What I can say is I’m grateful each day. And Thankful for my past self that created things for people to enjoy long into the future.




Kellyportfolio Illustrations

I've been swamped lately with orders and my daughter wrapping up middle school, as well as the laborious tasks of my day job.  Still, I managed to squeeze in another commission from The Shanghai Pearl to make a very special pin for her show 'A Night in the Forbidden City". This peony dancer pays tribute to the dance clubs in China Town in the 40's and 50's. 


The show sold out and was magnificent. I also had the pleasure of vending. I set up a tiny space of pins, prints and cards to sell. Not expecting the amount of love I received that evening.


The most important part of the evening was connecting with so many customers. (This photo is funny because it shows us on our phones! In reality, I was manually entering in credit card info into Square here). But in all honesty, the connection of being around performers and customers who acknowledged my work and told me they were fans was a huge boost I needed. 


Sometimes I forget how important  connection face to face can be. It fuels my soul and lights me up. It reaffirms that I am doing something right in my life. 


Peony Dancer pins can be purchased here.

Photo Shoot

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My friend Priya is an amazing photographer. So when she contacted me earlier in the year asking if I would be interested in modeling some vintage Shaheen dresses, I crossed my fingers that I could fit into the dress she had in mind for me.  


The dress fit, thankfully. And on a gorgeous May afternoon, we went to the Kubota Gardens to do a photoshoot. What a wonderful evening spent with friends. 


Photos by the talented Priya Alahan

A Magical Month

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This month just keeps getting better and better. 

Fresh lilacs for my kitchen. 


An amazing artist I commissioned to paint me a donut burger!!


Being part of a photo shoot with these bombshells.


Taking the plunge and finally buying a new car. I've never had a new car in my entire adult life. I'm going to call her the Little Red Hen. 


The pinup shoot I did the day before had my hair in tight curls, which meant the day after, I woke with vixen hair!  


May has been so much fun. I'm savoring every moment. 

May Brings...

Kellyportfolio Illustrations occasion to wear pink and oversized pearls.


A new soft enamel pin designed by yours truly for Mother's Day!


Surprise Iris in my yard. (This is the first Spring we have spent in our little cottage.)


New shops carrying my items!


Coming Soon

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

This enamel pin is in the works and will arrive by Mother's Day. I'm really excited about this one.


It is based on this piece I did a few years ago. It's been one of my top selling pieces and someone even had it tattooed on their arms. 


I'll upload it to my Etsy store as soon as they're in, end of April. 

April is Spring's First Kiss

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

I'm so grateful Spring has settled in and is making itself comfortable.  

April is already filled with greatness. 


Butter kissed rolls. 


Wholesale orders from stores I love! 


Cute man of the house and richly colored flowers. 


Gifts of gratitude from clients.  

April brings joy and the promise of rebirth and growth. I've never been happier.  

Mary, Queen of Heaven

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It was time to make my annual costume for Venice is Sinking. Since my cousin decided to dress as the Pope, I decided to dress as Mary. It was either that or a communion wafer. I've never been one to be overly religious and the last time I thought about Mary was when I played her at the age of seven in the church nativity.

 But, I'm always up for a challenge.

I made this headdress and costume. 


I added LED stars. And flowers.


My veil and dress were long sheets of sheets fabric. They did nothing to flatter my figure, but then again, Mary didn't need to have a slamming figure. 



Kellyportfolio Illustrations

I only became aware of Tura Satana when she died in 2011. How I wish I'd known about her as I was growing up. With her bad ass characters and curvy physique, she is a bit of a hero for me. The images of Asian women I grew up with in the US were docile, subservient and boring. None of them were loud or tough or curvy. Tura embodied all of this and more.


Below are some illustrations I did over the weekend as a tribute. 


Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

 Tura A Go-go!

Tura A Go-go!

Tura forever!


Kellyportfolio Illustrations

They say timing is everything. Same is true for art. Sometimes illustration takes a while to finish.  


I originally sketched this out 4 years ago. 


Took me a while to get the inspiration to finish it, but it's finally done!

Now I wish I had a pink tv. 

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

The things we do for love...


As a youngster, I tore petals off a daisy to determine a boy's love for me. I left fate up to a flower. Does he love me? Will he love me? If the answer is no, try a new flower...

It was an innocent game in childhood, like popping off the head of a dandelion or holding a buttercup up to your chin to determine if you like butter to not. 

One of the worst things we learn is to wait out something in the hopes that if we are just patient or loving enough, things will work out in our favor. We are not present because we are waiting for the uncertain future, and we miss the beauty that is always churning out before us.

Life teaches us so many lessons. 

A Sucker For Love

Kellyportfolio Illustrations

Some people can take life's lemons and make lemonade. I got my heart broken last year and made Pins.


The pin first started with an idea for an illustration. I was drawing hearts on Christmas Day. Ridiculous, I know. But, I have no control over when ideas make their appearance. And the Christmas holidays were particularly excruciating to get through.


I thought the Sucker idea on a pin would be the perfect accessory to launch for Valentines Day. No matter my story behind creating the pin, people can enjoy it for whatever meaning it holds for them. And glitter! Oh sparkle... Those things never go out of style.

I'm embracing the vulnerable side of myself and the fact I'm a sucker for love. I'd rather believe in love than run from it. Truly knowing this and embracing this side of me makes me a sucker for love and nobody's fool. 

As the amazing Carrie Fisher once said, “Take your broken heart, and turn it into art.” 



Glitter pins available for purchase here:  

Ice Cream as My Language for Love

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I might love ice cream more than cake. Wait, that's a lie. But, when it comes to using ice cream to convey the topic of love in my art, you could say I'm drawn to it. ❤️  

 You see, ice cream is beautiful, comes in many flavors. 

You see, ice cream is beautiful, comes in many flavors. 


It's also fragile. And fleeting. And temporary.


Topsy turvy, if balance is thrown. 


And can be discarded before being finished.  


But mainly, ice cream is fun. And, like love, it's a treat devoured all year round.