"I choose wine with the prettiest label, I buy books only for the pictures inside, and I eat cake only for the frosting"  


Once Upon a time in the 70's...

...Kelly picked up a pencil and started drawing. When she was old enough to understand that she could make a living drawing pictures, she devoted her life planning to do just that.

Salaciously sassy and sometimes racy and retro, Kelly creates greeting cards, jewelry and prints of her original illustrations inspired by burlesque, pin-ups and food. Her products range from greeting cards and prints to magnets and enamel pins! She sells independently as well as wholesale and several of her designs are licensed.
Kelly lives in Seattle with her daughter Lily and their rambunctious cat, Sir Benjamin Gigi.

Get in Touch: kelly@kellyportfolio.com

Talk of the Town

"Kelly was able to capture so much of my personality, in a single picture.  It's so exciting to have a image like this of oneself. Seeing yourself as an awesome cartoon, is a really badass feeling!" -Jamie Von Stratton, International performer and fashion designer 

"Kelly designed the new logo for my website, The Lingerie Addict, and it was the perfect embodiment of my brand. Not only that, but she was truly a joy to work with." -Cora Harrington, Founder and Chief Editor of The Lingerie Addict

"Kelly's work is wonderful in so many ways. It's full of heart, brightness, joy and whimsy. Things we could all use more of! Working with Kelly was marvelous. She perfectly encapsulated the joy and love I wanted to express in my own work.  Her work at large is a perfect storm of brightness, glamour, naughty wordplay, whimsy, fantasy and sheer fabulousness."  -The Shanghai Pearl, International Burlesque Performer

""They are everything I imagined and more. Thank you again for creating these - our kitchen has so much more joy in it now!"" - Mary M., Plate purchaser and a happy customer